love halo, in full support of your company but . .

next time plz add the multiplayer download to be the first to complete. i might not have all freakin day like some of these young uns, 3.5 hrs to install games ive played a million times before . . just not been able to play halo online mp sicne i got the one!

come on dudes, who the -Yoink- plays campaign anyway

omg replying to my own post, 7 hrs in . . i have to wait for what i assume is the beta to download for me to go online . . ok. . .thanks

Issues for me so far

cant seem to get any friends into my lobbys to play the campaign
no sound plays on cinematics(voices)
the playlists dont work, counts down from 5, stays in some kind of idle screen . . jumps back to menu

im a patient guy . .this however has taken the piss seeing that we have already played these -Yoinking!- games, come on 343 with halo5 a year away i dont want to have to know it will take me over a day to play a game. my friend downloaded it or started it this morning, hes only on 33% and im not sure if he has to go through this install im going through right now . . .feel sorry for those people. If i leave my xbox on overnight fire? or can i resume the download. christ. Console gaming is going backward

You might have better luck posting the the correct forum… This is the Halo Channel forum.

You probably wanted the Master Chief Collection forum:

I don’t mean to be rude but, the Campaign is the best part of Halo