Love for Halo is fading

Halo:Infinite has defiled the image of halo in my heart from its sacred status. When I was in primary school, I was attracted by the Chief’s armor, alien technology and the indescribable feelings between Cortana and master chief.

When I first opened the battle of Halo:infinity, I felt that my childhood seemed to come back, but after I played for ten minutes, I felt that it was not quite right. This was not a game that should be made in 2021, or: it was a game of “salute to classic” completely, salute our past playing methods, past characters, and… The picture quality of the past…

After I completed all the tasks in legendary difficulty to make the players not experience the game, I deeply understand that the enemy is difficult for the sake of difficulty, and opening the world is just for the sake of opening…

Halo:infinity is more like a meat kebab. Its stick is like a main task, and the open world is like a meat ball strung on it. There is no relationship between the two, and this meat kebab is tastes bad for me.

Now let’s talk about multiplayer. 343 makes multiplayer games free and relies on armor coating to get the money of people who really love halo, And almost every two weeks, there are related products about master chief and Cortana, which are used to harvest the money of halo lovers. (I am a person who recharges almost $500 in Halo: infinity, because I love halo.)

And, 343, not to mention that the weekly task is difficult, your free multiplayer game server is really bad. My game crashed before I almost completed the difficult task. What makes me angry is that I haven’t had a chance to re-enter the game. I swear I won’t touch the halo indefinitely until you fix these problems. Each of our players hopes halo will become better and 343 will become better. If you still rely on the feelings of players to harvest money and don’t handle your own servers well in the future, I think this is a deception that players love.

Halo Always Loveliest One (Used to be…)


Inb4 Halo infinite purists condem you for having an opinion

I think we can’t praise a game and love a game like a passionate fool and a mindless person. We should find a way to make it better

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Some rely on the hope it will get better, as is the live service way so to speak.

If what you do does not meet the player’s wishes, you should accept the player’s suggestions with an open mind. If your game is very in line with people’s wishes, we will not pay you, and I will even pay more to 343.

Well if you had our own Dedicated Server Software we could eliminate some of the issues with those Microsoft Azure Servers.

I love the analogies I’ve been reading on here of late :rofl:

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Infinity is indeed like this.
The first experience was very good, but the more I played, the more I felt it was not good.
The reason is also very simple, Halo:infinity is just an unfinished product, 343i wasted a lot of time, and finally only handed over a semi-finished product with less than two years of development time.
The core mechanics of the game are good and amazing at first play, but otherwise it’s full of rush work, empty and mediocre.
I believe that the 343i is aware of all the problems that the community is talking about now, and they promise to fix them, but I don’t know how long it will take, two or three years?
Maybe that’s why they’re releasing the game for free and announcing that it will continue to operate for the next decade.

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