lot of lag

ok, there is alot of lag in mm. some of that you dont notice. but the gun move time is delayed by a hair, and i then suck at aiming due to the lag. I am normally very good but now the lag just restricts me from having fun

You are not alone. The matchmaking does indeed suck and most games have a bad amount of lag.

It’s unplayable! I lag and die over man cannons. Every single grenade I throw leaves my hand a second after I throw. I die when they don’t even hit me. Even watching kill cams shows them looking away. I disappear and appear at different parts of the map. Sometimes kill cams don’t even appear( even when I don’t press anything).
At this point when I start a game I throw a grenade. If its really bad I quit. My experience is making me want to play less and less. I’m trying to like it but its not working this game is just sub par