Lost Transmission, Forge Map

Name: Lost Transmission

Here is a clip showing you (some) of the map from a pov during custom games. Just myself, no one else. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts on this map?

If you’d like to play this map with me or with your friends just add my gamer tag and check out my files through the service record while in-game via halo friends menu.

I will make a video of another map I re-created from halo reach - The Cage.

I played both these maps during a live stream and we played them as soon as I finished the Cage one and they were a huge hit!

Lazy Link For ya.
Looks great, what game mode do you emphasize?

This map works for:

  • Free For All, 4-12 players
  • Team Slayer (Red vs. Blue), 4-12 players
  • CTF 2-flag (Red Vs. Blue), 4-12 players