Lost specializations, re download not working

Alrighty so here is my problem hopefully someone can help me out. I got the code for the specializations after reaching 70, downloaded them and was a happy gamer. Now after not playing for about two weeks due to the holidays I came back played about three games and reached 100. I went to the specializations and seen all the ones I completed but could not choose a new one. I have already looked through other forums and seen that re downloading from my history should work so I did that last night and nothing happened. I understand that this problem has came up many times and the re downloading it worked for some but I could not find a real solution to the problem. If there is some kind of profile on this site you will see that I just joined for this reason, I don’t go out of my way to join a site and write this long paragraph and expect some help if I didn’t like the game. I would greatly appreciate it if any one out there could help me out with my problem, gamer tag is kwick276 if it is needed. Thanks.