Lost Specializations codes

How the specializations codes got sent to peoples accounts on the xbox, both me and my sister got them but I didnt realize that the xbox messages auto delete themselves. and so I kept forgetting to redeem the code and now Ive lost it. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a replacement code? I just am kinda annoyed about it since I bought the halo 4 special edition and the halo 4 xbox and was looking forward to the early specializations and thought that it would have been one of the codes that came on some paper or something with the game instead of in the xbox inbox. If I had gotten it in my emails it would have worked out better for me but yeah. alwell. If there isnt a way to get a replacement code I will just go on and go through them as they are released. I know its my own fault that I lost the code though.

Anyone else lose theirs from messages auto deleting? xD

I’ve had the same problem. I recieved a code last month, but I was too lazy to put the code in :frowning:

Now, I’ve lost the code from deletion. I hope 343 sends another message about the code,the best think you can do is wait till level 50(or something) to unlock another Specialization.

TBH it’s not worth it now. In two weeks all the specializations will be unlocked for everyone, so unless your at 90 it won’t make that much of a difference :frowning:

When you mean “UNLOCK”, do you mean that you can use the specializations with Spartan Points, or do they unlock till you reach a ceratin rank?