Lost REQ Packs

I noticed when opening a REQ pack, if your fireteam backs out before it loads, you lose the pack? Anyone else notice this?

Yes happens to me alot and it blows

you just dont get the opportunity to view and sell the items you got. A feature that should be fixed.

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> Yes happens to me alot and it blows

Learn from your mistakes and dont open packs when you know this could happen?

I have also had the same issue. I have lost about 2-3 gold packs. I have also been having a problem with not being able to play Big Team Battle, Warzone, and Warzone Assault. I will get a couple minutes into it and then I get removed. At first it never stated anything but now it is saying “Disconnected from fireteam, fireteam has change” Something along those lines. If anyone has anything to help, it’d be appreciated!