Lost req pack

So after spending an hour or whatever to build up 10000 req to get a gold pack, I hit purchase and immediately my game hard crashes. I restart the game and my 10000 req points are gone, and looking among my gear I can’t tell if I acquired the gold pack. I contained my rage, but but this is unacceptable. I know someone will say that I should just enjoy the gameplay (and I do), and I know it’s just one gold pack but this isn’t the first time this has happened. As much as I enjoy playing the actual game, the packs and what they contain are a major reason why I play as well. So when on multiple occasions my hours of work disappear, the game very quickly starts to lose it’s fun. I’m aware that on the whole halo 5 can be a glitchy/laggy game (I’ve been able to work through it so far), but If this happens again, halo 5 might be the last halo to grace my game library.

Generally when issues like this happen the pack has already opened and just skipped the opening animation. You can hard reset your console or check your REQ inventory here on Waypoint to see your new items