Lost REQ Boost card / Controller disconnect bug

Hey there, was just playing Warzone with an RP Boost selected before the match started. I am having issues with my controller (the cable keeps popping out, loose connection) and there seems to be a bug in the game that when the controller disconnects and reconnects in this way, you lose control of your player (menus and such work fine, though.)

I had it happen twice, the first time I just sat there and got booted due to inactivity, the second time I left the game manually. I started a third match but had to abandon it as well since I had to be somewhere.

Anyway, my RP Boost card is gone. I never got the bonus for it. Is this by design? I didn’t leave the first game on purpose, and if the game detected my controller re-connecting properly, it would not have been a problem to finish the game.

I’m really bummed to have lost that card. Can I get it back somehow?

Bump! Anyone there?

Hi n0v4, did you use your boost at the start of the first match, prior to your controller disconnect? Also, which boost was it? Thank you!

Hey there. Yes, I used it prior to the first match (in the matchmaking screen, where there’s a shortcut to the boosts screen.) The card was aa Warzone RP boost, level 1 I think. Thanks for the reply!

not exactly the same issue but I did notice that if you disconnect the charging usb cable from a wireless controller it prompts you to reconnect the controller (hit a) is this on purpose - I would think that should not be announced at all

I was using a Legendary RP Warzone Boost and we won the warzone match. At the end of the match though I didn’t get any RP boost. What the hell? My legendary boost is now gone and never got my reward.