Lost ranks in Halo MCC

So about a year ago, (mavbe less) I lost my rank on halo mcc, I got to a 50 in anniversary and it got reset due to 343 doing it randomly. Then got to a 45 again and boom next game it was just reset, then tried getting to a level 11 boom reset after that game. I would like an explanation as to why I am not a level 50 anymore yet my halo waypoint still says I am a 50 this is complete bs. I see kids that are level 50 in mcc still and they don’t get reset why is that? I got my level legit and fairly, my kills/deaths reflect I got it legit. I really would love to know why this happend and what I can do about getting my rank back because I am not going to just sit there and grind out another 50.

Because its broken… You cant trust the ranking system of MCC