Lost on track armor coating after update

Just updated my game and my spartan was wearing standard armor and my on track armor coating is gone.


Same. My On Track armor coating is gone along with my HCS Champion bundle which was the armor coating and the BR coating.


Oh my god. I just noticed the same.


same. hcs skins gone but armor effect still there


Same No more On Track Armor Coating … 343 please fix this I like that coating


Same here, hopefully they will fix it soon :frowning:

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Mines there. Next to obelisk stone

They fixed it, I can confirm.

Unlink your twitch and waypoint account then re link and it should fix it did me

Same. Lost the On Track, and the HCS black and silver one and the BR skin, which I’m pretty mad about since I payed for it.

Same, I only have the laurels armor effect. Wheres my coating 343?

My HCS Champion Bundle coating is gone too. I spent $10 on that bundle and I cant use it now?!

Logged on just now and lost my WC Trophy charm I had on my Battle Rifle. The Gladiator’s Edge skin was still on it though.

Yeah first thing I noticed was my whole HaloWC 2022 was missing too. I had the coating applied to my armor before the update and now it’s gone from my collection

just approved a bunch of posts so updating this whole crew at once –

this should be resolved for the most part.

we’re aware the HCS weapon charms aren’t showing up on the BR specifically and i believe that’s being sorted soon.


Suis je le seul ? Depuis la mise jour hiver mon jeu crash et apres je ne peu plus rien lancer comme application ou jeux sur ma xbox obliger de la redemarrer