Lost my sound in Halo 4. Help!

So i turned on my xbox today, everything worked fine, the main menu had its sounds even the 343 intro you get when you start playing halo has its sound but when i get to the menu its complete silence, same goes for being in matchmaking.
It worked all fine the last time i played wich was 2 days ago.
edit: i do hear people talking in game, i just dont get any game sounds, like weapon fire, walking explotion etc, nor the music when you’re in the loby

I have obviously checked all the kabels, tv sound, xbox sound, turned xbox on/off, turned game off/on, cleaned the disc.

Does anyone know what to do? playing halo without sound sucks pretty hard…
Every suggestion is welcome!

Finish the match and turn off the console. It happened lot when i was playing Gears. happy playing.

Are you sure you checked al of your Kabels?

i just finished a game and nothing changed, i did find out i can still hear people talk in game, i just dont have any of the game sounds

and yes i rlly did check all the kabels


still dont know what to do… should i contact the website i bought it from and try to get a new copy of the game?

Maybe you should try checking the Kables again…

Are you playing with an HDMI cable?

check out my thread I have a few tips that work for campaign and match making as I had the same problems

Cables* got it -.- dutch word is kabels…

yeah i play with an hdmi cable,

and thx for the tips ells, unfortunally it didnt work

Unmute the tv :slight_smile:

the tv aint muted…

I’ve gotten issues like this in BF3 and Borderlands 2 as well, but I confirmed with others that those were problems with the game itself. Halo 4 is by far the worst culprit of this for me because it’s only individual sounds that don’t play sometimes, like sword drawing, Elite melees, and ammo refills. Is it just my aging Xbox? Or does being a very hardware-intensive game make it eat up sounds like that?

any other suggestions?

i didnt lose just some off the sounds i lost them all:(

and my xbox aint that old yet, bought it about 2 years ago, and i bought the newest one out there back than.