Lost my progression from reach on xbox 360

My halo progression from reach on 360 is no longer there as well as my progression from odst 4 and 3.

This happens when you change gamertag/email, and your service record in not syncing.

> Older Halo games work a little differently from modern Halo in respect to stats and service records.If you’re here because Waypoint is telling you that you haven’t played a particular game, then your service records will be out of sync. This usually happens if you have changed your gamertag since you last played one of the older games (Halo3, ODST, Reach) and is relatively simple to fix.You’ll need to boot the games up again and play something. This can either be campaign, multiplayer, forge, etc, - playing the backwards compatible version of a game should also work.Halo 2 is the only game that cannot be fixed using this method as the servers are no longer active to sync with.