Lost lots of rank

I have played Halo:Reach quite a bit and had worked my way up to Captain rank 2. I decided to activate an XBOX live account. The next time I looked at my Halo:Reach game I had dropped down to Sargeant Rank 1. I lost all the armor upgrades I had purchaed along the way. Is there anyway to get the rank and armor back?

Yes, combat and re-earn it. It’s the only thing you can do now.

Yep, that’s the way it works when you activate your Xbox Live account. It’s to keep people from offline boosting. There’s no way to get things back, unfortunately.

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That’s what happens when you bring your Spartan online for the first time. No way around it. Just play and make those ranks back.

Hint - Concentrate on daily challenges. At your present rank, you’ll make all those credits and ranks back quick.

If you have an offline account, you get a lot more credits for things like campaign/custom firefight/forge. Otherwise, it would be practically impossible to rank up to some of the higher ranks since online accounts get so few credits for those. Through all your offline playing, you had gotten around 256,000 credits. When you got xbox live added to the account, Reach did some math and found out that you would only have had 26,250 credits had your account been online the whole time. So it brought you down to that rank.

Reach does this so that you can’t get up to Inheritor or another high rank while offline through some sort of credit exploit, and then go online and have a high rank without really playing the game much.

At least I think all that stuff is true, I seem to remember Bungie talking about it in one of their weekly updates before/around when Reach came out.