Lost Halo 4 Double Xp

I was playing Spartan Ops and my Halo 4 Xbox froze. So I turned it off and let it set for a few minutes. After I turned it back on, I loaded Halo 4 and went to matchmaking. I played 1 game of Infinity Slayer. After the match i didnt receive any of my 30 double xp matches from the Mountain Dew promotion but it said that i re-unlocked all of the armors up to SR 29 (my rank at the time).

since this happened ive played about 3 more hours with none of the double xp matches that i redeemed.

does anyone have any ideas on how to get them back … without buying more mountain dew … i have 3 12-packs that are open … i really dont need anymore mountain dew.

Same thing happened to me. It reset my character, loadouts, settings, etc at SR36. All unlocks reunlocked, but the 40 something matches of double XP I had are now gone.