lost everything but my achievements

alright so i decided to play some halo5 warzone, i noticed that it wasnt loading other players games tags so i played for a bit and i couldnt accesses my loadouts to change them, it was saying it was receiving data and im a level 68 so i had a fair amount of stuff and then i left the game, couldn’t get into my REQs so i turned my xbox off thinking it was an internet problem and signed in an out, so when i got back i was level 1 and lost everything i collected and worked for, i contacted xbox support and they told me if i have all my achievements it all good but told me to come here for more help

In case this hasn’t been solved yet, this is caused by a sync error if I’m not mistaken. All your stats are still there and you can check them on waypoint. Try restarting Halo 5 or doing an Xbox hard reset by holding the power button for 10 seconds. Cheers:)