Lost connection from Arena and went to Dashboard??

Okay so i’m getting fed up with this bug. I was in the middle of a BTB game and I lost the connection (not sure if from server or modem) and went not to the halo 5 menu but to my XBOX DASHBOARD??? What the hell is this?!?! I’ve never seen this before until today.

Has anyone else had this happen before? I’m not ruling out home relating modem issues considering that everyone in my home uses their flippin ipads.

343i, come on, get it together! But happy holidays from a CONSIDERATE fan. Can you express the same respect your fans and fix the ridiculous server bugs???

Do you get any error messages when it kicks you out? I’m having issues getting kicked to the dashboard from Arena matches (only if its Fathom or Truth though). Also, Warzone matches crash in mid-game and kick me out to the dashboard. If the game immediately closes bringing you to the dashboard, then it sounds like a similar problem I’m having. Still haven’t been able to fix this myself and I’ve done all the steps on my end to attempt the fix. I contacted Bravo on twitter so hopefully they’re at least aware of this issue now.