Lost Challenge xp?

I recently just completed the exterminate challenge and with that 6000 xp I went from sr 58 to sr59. I then turned of my xbox and did some art, when I came back to halo I was sr 58 again and missing my challenge xp from it. (Note I am now 59 as I have played a couple of games)

Any body experienced this?

Nope. Maybe its one of the many glitches that happen to random people?

Just happened to me when I went from 58 to 59 as well. It was 30k from this month’s monthly challenge. Fml.

Sorry it was 57 to 58.

sorry whats a forum?
any one got any answers to lost xp?
343 are not dealing with issues …
a forum appears to be a problems-list
i want to talk to a person

Same thing happened to me with the monthly challenge - lost 30,000 XP I had reached level 29 after completing the challenge and I had equipped the armor that unlocks at that level. The next time I played I was back at level 27 and the armor had become locked again. The monthly challenge still shows as completed. Very annoying.

Same just happened to me. I stayed up late last night because I wanted my To The Victor Goes The Spoils challenge completed. Collected the 30k XP to go from 62 all the way to 64. This morning when I got on I was back down to level 62 and had to play back to 64 again. What gives?!

I just lost 30000 XP for the monthly Victory Goes the Spoils challenge. I had it this morning, got the Engineer 9 Specialization and the new armor. Took a break and came back and it’s gone! I’m down a level and don’t have the same stuff!? Do the admins giveth and taketh away so capriciously?