Lost Cartograph - Arena 2v2 Map

Lost Cartograph

Map Links (Pictures):

This is a 2v2 map build on the canvas ‘Tidal’. It is almost symetrical and feels like a normal arena map.

Like the legendary mission in Halo: CE ‘Silent Cartographer’ it has forerunner structures and a circle shape with one beach. Some rocks give you a hiding place. So it is not completely open outside.

Every weapon (except the ‘Fuel Rod Canon’) is two times placed on the map, so it is balanced. The more you go to the middle, the better the weapons get. Besides that, there are also two secret weapons!

The map supports Slayer, Stronghold, CTF and Assault. There are starts for 8 players (4v4), but you should play with 4 (2v2), so there is no chaos. It has also enough callouts, therefore competitve works also fine.

It would be nice, if you could give it feedback.
Have fun!