Lost all reqs + commendation progress + ...

…My level has gone from 81 to 1, Since yesterdays update. What the F—.

I don’t know how to resolve this. Any ideas?

I hard reset my xbox as well as dashboard quitting halo numerous times and still not resolved.

Hmm I’ve had this happen to me before too, the “reset” to SR1 the most, then sometimes “losing” progress for all commendations and once my REQs were all “gone”.

All I and anyone else who might comment on here can do is tell you to give it a break. Usually the stuff returns after a hard reset, disconnect/connect from XBL and closing Halo5. Since that doesn’t work? Yeahh all you can do is wait for an hour, maybe two.

If the stuff is still gone, contact Bravo on reddit via PM or someone responsible on twitter. They shouldn’t take too long to give you an answer, but it actually isn’t that uncommon for this to happen until time has passed, unfortunately.

Resetting works for me, unless there is a complete system outage. If there is you just have to wait it out.

Yeah, i basically lost 2 games yesterday stats and all.

Did you try to reset? I hear that might work.