Lost all my CR coins, without any reason.

I have contacted Microsoft, and they told me to contact you for help.
Lost all my CR coins, suddenly all my CR coins were gone, without any reason. Lost over 2000 000. Is it possible to give me these coins back?

If you didn’t have gold and you signed in online for the first time then the system automatically deducted a percentage of your cR to prevent modern and hackers to reach inheritor offline then jump online with the prestigious rank.

It is probably one of two things. A the server are playing up at the moment and could be the cause. Your profile says you have 771,000 credits and are nearly at Mythic. https://haloreachstats.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/lll%20zombl3%20lll/haloreach#!/Competitive

Or someone played on your account and bought some armour and spent your 200,000 credits.

Im really sorry but I dont think there is a way to get them back :frowning: