Lost a legendary xp boost from a disconnect

so I started into a arena big team match and after the match started for about 5 min half of the game myself included disconnected from the match. If it were an uncommon I wouldn’t care but being a legendary. My only one is like to hope that I could get it back can 343 help a halo vet out?

Those boosts are gone forever when something like that happens.

It REALLY sucks when you pop a legendary win gambit boost and then get on a team that gets destroyed.

Thanks Obama.

Yeah i think this needs to be fixed! Sometimes i disconnect before actually loading into a game and lose my XP boosts.

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343 must fix this! I am TRIGGERED!!!

It’s gone and it truly sucks.

Please don’t revive old topics thanks. If you are disconnected with a boost active, it will be refunded to you after a few games. A change was made to allow this a few months back