Losing Rank while offline?

Got off last night at 1403, got on today and was Diamond 4, how does that even happen?
Even worse, the last 4 games that I’ve lost, someone quit on my team, why do I get punished if someone leaves before 2 minutes into a game anyways?

The ranking for this game doesn’t seem too good, not only that but talking to anyone on your team is a blessing when it happens 10% of the time, why doesn’t the game restrict parties like other games when it comes to ranked modes?

Why even play the ranked playlist if you’re going to talk to your friends playing Roblox?
This game was so fun but the community at this point just quits and doesn’t care, D5 itself is so bloated you can get in with a .75 KDA, what is that?

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I understand that rank decay is a mechanic that is used in the industry, but that does seem a bit sharp of a curve even if it was the mechanic responsible for it in Infinite, which as far as I know it’s not.

Weird dude, honestly.

Maybe I’m reading it wrong - I’ve only been looking at Halo Data Hive for a day or so. Thanks to Little Squash for the heads up.


The results are set up to give you your pre-game CSR and then how much you lost in that game.

For that loss on Bazaar (CTF); your pre-game CSR was 1403 - and you lost 4 points. That would put you back a tier.

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