Losing Internet Connection While Playing

Hello I picked up HTMCC when it came out on pc, pre ordered. Was always having the issue where I would play a few games online and after some time the internet (Spectrum, hardwired) in my household would completely turn off and reset after 3 minutes. Was very frustrating at first, and then it started to get worse as the days go by. I haven’t played in months because of this “bug”. I have posted in other topics and seen other people having the same issue as of recent and its a little ridiculous. Now that Halo 3 has dropped, I was wondering if its even worth me trying to load the game back up as I have a feeling I will be running into the same issue that has always happened. Such a sad time to spend the money on HTMCC and not even get to play it at all. Feels like they stole my money because they wont even acknowledge it.

Is anyone else still having this issue, and has anyone heard anything on resolving this at all?

It’s still happening.

Just played 2 games of Halo 3 and at the start of the third my internet was disconnected, crazy