Losing Faith in 343i

Let me first start off by saying i love the halo franchise more than any other game, and it is my favorite multiplayer and i love spending time with my friends playing this game. I also loved 343i, and what they did with halo… at first. first off, my brother and i both purchased a copy of the Limited Edition, and now there is less and less to justify the $100 price tag, like how everyone has early access to specializations, and now the maps are apparently free to everyone. so looks like all we got for spending 40 extra dollars was a prime skin, a metal game case and a frail cardboard box to put it in. second, my favorite playlist, doubles, has not made a return, even though it has been a part of halo ever since halo 2, and for some reason STILL isnt in the game. and ive tweeted to 343 about this issue 3 separate times with no response. and last, this is a smaller issue, but where is spartan ops and campaign theater?! 343i, your a good company, but please, just make your fans happy and at least try to fix these issues.