Losing connection to the servers

I have been losing connection to the servers mid game and it is really frustrating to lose that good req boost and time invested into the game when it loses connection. Happens at least 2-3 times everyday. They could at least reimburse you for the card used. Has this been a problem for anyone else?

Anyone else unable to play at this moment?

I’m completely unable to play or access reqs. Was like this before over thanksgiving then they fixed and now it’s right back. I’ve tried restarting five times now and still the same. Is anyone having this problem with a physical disc or is it just something limited to digital copies??

I cant play.

Having the same issues. I will play maybe 2-3 matches and the Connection lost to the game server, or console lost connection to the local network. This is annyoing and hope they fix it because I just got my Networked serviced again. And it is still happening…

So far I’ve been BANNED for have POOR connection. And cant play any game with a wired connection.

I’ve noticed the disconnect from the servers situation since Friday. Sometimes I can’t connect at all.