Losing Connection To Servers

Does anyone else getting kicked out out games, with the message your console lost connection with the server. It is only happening while I am playing Halo 5. Tried hard boot, rebooted the modem and router, and is hard wired in. works well with other games. Xbox live says everything is working OK. Anyone else having issues?

It ,"Disconnected’ and “can’t retrieve data”, happen to me 1 or 2 time when I was in preview maps. After disconnected, I can’t join any game in preview, but normal maps worked just fine. No hard reboot, just reload game.

The disconnects went away for me when I switched to wired and adjusted Nat to open. I still get kicked off the servers but never in game.

Thanks, now that I have set my NAT to open, I am not getting disconnected, but opened my router to be hacked, I am not getting disconnected any more. I do not have to expose being hacked with PlayStation or steam, just good old Microsoft.