Losing connection to game without actually DCing.

I’m pestered by this bug. Especially when I’m at 900 points in Warzone and suddenly gets booted for reason, telling me my internet connection is lost, yet my party remains active, and xbox live is still connected. Anyone else suffering from this?

yes ! it happened to me 4-5 times too! so bothering…

yeah ive had this same issue. was kinda annoying only happened once tho so far

This keeps happening to me… i think its an bug with the audio that completely crashes the server for the player.

Been having the same issue, mostly at night after 9 pm in Australia.

Yes every time im in a warzone game it quits me and doesnt say anything and doesnt respond at all, its like the game hates me so now I can only play arena but I really want to play on warzone

I’ve had this happen so many times and got a ban hammer because of it

It happens all too often. Once it happens to me I just stop playing for the day because I know from experience that I will just get banned from multiplayer. What an awful experience for the Halo community…