Losing all progress after losing game connection

It is insanely frustrating to put 18 minutes into a Warzone game only to lose all of it with 3 minutes left because of a connection issue on 343 or Microsoft’s end. There needs to be a way to either reconnect to the game or to get some percentage of progress from the game. This has happened many times since purchasing Halo 5, and it remains the most frustrating issue with the game to date. Please rectify this, because it makes me want to skip out on playing Warzone so that I have a better chance of completing a game in Arena. I know req points and commendations and all that are made up, but it still blows not being able to have any progress when 343 or Microsoft shorts out of a game I’m playing. Big issue. Please fix it ASAP.

More of the same in arena, sadly

I am sure of that, but I feel like the stakes are a little less high as far as time input goes. It needs to be fixed for both play types, though.