Losing a point for suicides/betrayals

I personally think this should be removed, at least for suicides. In Reach, on maps like Uncaged or Pinnacle it’s very easy to jump off the edge and it ALWAYS removes a point from your/your team’s score which I find incredibly stupid. Not only is it easy to manipulate and sabotage your team into losing just by repeatedly killing yourself, it’s a useless feature with how often accidental suicides and betrayals happen.

It makes people pay attention to what’s going on.

We should lose a point from our progression score instead.

One word…awareness.

Suicides are important as they stop people spamming grenades and rockets everywhere. It also makes the game more realistic and the stakes higher. It’s important to watch out for accidental team kills. Also remember that people that commit suicide are very rare these days and can be reported and given a ban.

No. If you don’t have the awareness to not fall off the map, you at least deserve to lose 1 point. I know, it can happen to everyone, especially on maps you’ve never played before. I’m sure most people, including me have had that moment where you’re on a new map and you jump off a platform expecting the land safely a few feet below but actually just fall to your death, but then you learn from your mistakes and it doesn’t happen again. See?

Plus, 343 paid attention to this stuff and has some precautions in place to help prevent this on their default maps, like on Adrift, there is one place where you might walk off on accident when you’re backing up, but they have this “safety net” there that catches you so…