Lore examination/ Campaign question.

I’ve seen several threads where the topic was brought up several comments in however, I would like to bring up the detail directly.

My question is, is the didact from halo 4 in fact the original didact (married to librarian) or is it bornstellar (ur-didact) ?

Next question. now this may just be the result of something glitchy on ,my part but there are several instances where I don’t understand how cortana is reunited with chiefs suit. the most notable instance is after the encounter with the librarian. If I’m not mistaken, chief never yanks the chip after cortana is initially sucked away, then once chief retrieves her after the cut scene she just appears on a console but yet again chief doesn’t yank a chip out. This is strange since throughout all of halo 4 343i has made perfectly clear their love for quick time events… So what in the halo is going on?

This leaves me to believe that there is something else going on here between cortana and the librarian that no one else has yet analyzed. that, or 343 just derped and forgot to add a couple quick time events. I’m going to guess the ladder option but you never know what clues may turn up in relation to this find.

Some other outlandish possibilities that I’ve heard that may have relevance here include one suggesting that cortana is somehow fully or partially residing in chiefs suit without the need for the chip, or that cortana has just been existing within the forerunner systems and communicating with chief wirelessly from that point on much like how she did before retrieving her from gravemind in H3 and after the didact destroys her pedestal in the final mission.

Any insight from the community would be awesome, ill be back to add any other findings I encounter as well and you all should do the same!

Here is also a link of the campaign moment in question.