Lore discussion- SPARTAN III remnants and IV's

Hey everyone, just had a wandering thought, does anyone know what happened to the SPARTAN III’s that were training and not yet augmented when the SPARTAN IV program kicked off? Were they still augmented into III’s? Were they washed out into regular service, or perhaps augmented into the SPARTAN IV program? Super curious and just wanted some insight

Many of them joined IV. Some belong directly to ONI and engage in special operations


I figured that was a case but a buddy of mine fights tooth and nail that the III candidates never became IV’s. Do you have any resources I could use to show him?

To be exact, it is integrated into an organization with ⅳ as the main members. Gammas are very young.
After the Human-Covenant War, the main body of Gamma Company was integrated into the newly formed Spartan Operations branch.Halo Waypoint: Catalog Interaction, Page 14
Halopedia is described in this way↑

Cancel the independent division, and the subsequent training is consistent with the operational arrangement and other person.
In my opinion, this is equivalent to joining. After all, there are few of them.

Gammas were already augmented, I presume OP is talking about the planned Delta Company but we don’t even known if Delta made it to candidate selection stage

Its likely with the Spartan IV program’s launch they folded all Spartan III Survivors and those they could revive and rehabilitate into the Spartan IV program, some are known to be Headhunters and other Spec Ops but mostly its presumed The Spartan Branch absorbed them. I mean I like telling stories about the Spartan IIIs and Class II since we know they exist but mostly are the less explored in comparison to Class I of Spartan IIs and Spartan IVs when looking to survivors, there are a lot of dead Spartan IIIs we know the stories of.

I mean I plan to continue to write fan stories about these less explored parts such as already on Ao3 I have Halo Burning Skies where I have a Spartan III team with a member of Class II who does survive the fall of Reach since their purpose is infiltration and they have made allies with a more realistic idea of Covenant rebellion than the Banished via working from the shadows and with diplomacy instead of being a warlord along the edge of Covenant Space that were deemed radicals by most even in their own primary species. It is likely that with what I write it won’t really be overwritten in canon since the main additions are Fleshing out the Ancient Sangheili mythology and the actual acknowledgement of Spartan II Class II besides the fact that even though Halsey left, it proceeded with Spartans numbers reaching as high as the 400s in what is known in canon as we only know of two membersand one of those members are dead.

Also if you mean by the planned Delta Company I side with Halopedia’s idea of it just never happened but if I go back on that, its likely I will just say it was heavily ONI exclusive and Halsey was involved, because she is kind of in limbo after her arrest in 2553 and her work during Spartan Ops, so its possible Delta Company went into effect as a sort of way for ONI to make use of her since Kurt is dead with Delta Company being more like a 2.5 with longer training but still Spartan III philosophy and likely would be absorbed into Spartan IVs, but as of now I feel its unlikely for them to exist.

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Other than the ferrets there’s not too much about the Spartans IIIs these days. A story set after the human covenant war about the Class IIS would be good though.

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