Lord Hood (Ron Perlman) Confirmed For Halo 4?

Take a glance at his IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000579/

Halo (Announced)
Lord Hood ???

Now if theres any link to how he’s in Halo 4 via Thursday War i don’t want to know since i’m reading the books chronologically and have yet to get to it…anyway thought you folks might want to know.

It’s always a possibility, but IMDB isn’t reliable nor a direct source, and I believe has incorrectly posted stuff like this in the past.

It’s highly possible, but i like to hang onto small glimmers of hope. Now the IMDB listing is for the Halo movie but i think it’s quite obvious that this won’t be coming out anytime soon…so i think IMDB might of heard from a source and botched the actor list up which is due for Halo 4 and instead put it down as for a Halo movie… (Small glimmers again)

If this is true we have Romeo, Lord hood and some random actor joining the fray.