Lopsided Skill Matchups

I would post this in the CSR topic, but this does not have to do with how CSR is calculated. I would also post this in the Team Slayer Feedback topic, but this does not include me giving my opinion/tips/general feedback for Team Slayer (that is, I have no recommendations/changes to suggest). I apologize if this is still the wrong forum.

I have been playing Team Slayer recently (over the last few days - so not too sure if this is due to the CSR reset) and have been in several INCREDIBLY lopsided matches where I have felt like I’ve been getting destroyed. The online CSRs apparently rank us as similar, but the players I am playing against are far better than what I normally play against. I think - but am not sure - that opposing teams are also parties, as their teammwork is very synergistic in games (3 or 4 of them will regularly converge from multiple points, for example).

I play H4 in spurts, so if I am getting steamrolled, I will quit to find a different game (my logic, take it as you will, is that I did not pay $60 to get spawnkilled 220-40).

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar lopsided skill matchups since the CSR reset, because this is very frustrating for me and my friends. I know some people are all about the competition and stuff with this game and may view such underdog situations as a challenge, but I am a casual player who just plays this for fun (often, I admit though) versus the win.

Yep. I complain a lot about Infinity settings, but the bad skill matches are what break the game for me. I wouldn’t have a problem with the switch from individual CSR to team CSR if the game could actually make fair matches. I understand that win/loss usually makes for a better overall experience, but with Halo 4, individual CSR is IMO more fair because it doesn’t account for bad teammates dragging me down.

Welcome to the wonderful world of low population.

I have the same problem, but on the other end of the equation. I can sincerely say I feel your pain though. I don’t play as much because its really not any fun winning every game by a landslide either (it requires no mental stimulation or excitement, which is why I play). Plus I understand plenty of folks like yourself are out there trying to play casually and I’m ruining their time. This is because there is no ranked/social split, and its further amplified by the low population.

I’d try playing SWAT, Doubles, or Big Team for plenty of other causal players.

I feel your pain and I’m in the same situation. Team Slayer should have been relabeled as Ranked Team Slayer once they started the top 200 thing as that’s pretty much what this playlist is now. Also I wouldn’t recommend playing solo in this playlist anymore now that it’s team ranked. I play solo and find that I’m ranking up for playing like crap and dragging my team down which leads to further bad matches.

I rarely get placed on competitive teams in BTS lately, and it’s getting very old. What drives me bonkers, though, is that the other teams seem to fare alright :-/

Here’s hoping Halo 5’s population stays enough that whatever algorithms are used can be used to their fullest.

Now when I quit games (continue to get destroyed), I sincerely hope my CSR will go down. I don’t know how it got that high - must have played just as the reset happened and skyrocketed to a rank that is too high for me.

Again this sounds dumb but I want my CSR to go down so I have better skill matchups. It’s not even that high to begin with, I suppose, but the matches I get are too difficult.