Lopsided Competitive Matchmaking

I’ve played 5 games this morning. In all five games the opposing team had two or more 1600+ onyx players and 1 gold or platinum player while my teammates were around my rank at diamond 2/3. One slayer game the score was 50-16. A recharge strongholds game 40-250. The other scores I don’t care to remember. I’m sure those players had fun stomping us but as for myself and the others on my team I can tell you that we most certainly did not. This was Solo/Duo queue. Why does this happen? You mean to tell me that there are no diamond players queuing at noon on a saturday in the united states? I wouldn’t bring this to the forums if this were the only example. This happens A LOT. So much I find myself questioning why I even continue to play the competitive game mode. 343i, this isn’t fun.

They are supposedly working on Ranked at the moment, and will implement changes later. These changes will require a reset to all player’s ranks. So I’d stop worrying about trying to Rank up for now. Otherwise, you’re going to be really pissed when they reset.

I couldn’t agree with you more, this is so frustrating not only for myself, but teamates as well. I will admit that I am not that good a player compared with high Platinum, Diamond or Onyx and would like to try and get better as a player. Extremely hard to try new skills when you are always dead after 2 or 3 seconds. If not changed soon, I will try another game and give up on this one.