Loot/armor drop after pvp match

What do you guys think about loot/armor drop after matches.

You can get playercard, shader, visitor, armor etc after finishing a match. The rarity will be blue and nothing above that.

Just like destiny has it on pvp matches.

To make it easy for 343, they can remaster the stuff from Halo 5 and make it into drop pool in pvp.

( We don’t replace anything that’s in the game, we just add)

It would be better than the current system for sure. maybe make drops winning team only.

it would have to be fairly rare as well, otherwise I dont think 343 would even consider it.

I can’t believe its come to this :joy:

That’s even worse than what we have now, no offense.

RNG has enough control over my challenges and my ability to complete them.

How is it worse than what we have now? You still have the BP ofc. But just so we have more players that dosent look the same you get a random drop.

Well, okay. If it doesn’t replace any existing systems, then sure, that would be actually kind of fun!

Note: I do not endorse or condone the current nefarious monetization scheme we call the “challenge based XP system”.

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