Looooooooong load times

They seem to be using some heavy compression, because loading takes forever even with an SSD. Anyone else experiencing this?

I would totally love the option of using little to no compression at the cost of increased drive space usage.

Edit: For clarity, this is on PC that I’m experiencing long load times.

Game is fine for me no issues.


really Long load times here (and constant crashing) also installed on a fast SSD, although think it may be FPS related, feels like the game loads faster when I Alt-tab out and the “lower background fps” option kicks in. going to try and take some timings with and without tabbing out to see if its consistent.

That would be interesting if that were the case. Let us know what you find out.

OK yep there is a bug

So ended up using booting up the game as a test bed as it showed the exact same issue and didn’t rely on me playing a game afterwards and discovered 2 things over 20+ boot ups

  1. The game does ZERO loading during the two start up videos so they are literally just wasting time swapping between foreground and background during the videos has zero impact on load times, come on 343 PC gamers remove loading screens EXACTLY for this reason, have your loading run in the background while showing the logo, cant be that hard!

  2. unlocked or custom frame-rates are broken for loading (at least on my machine). The game on my machine runs around 55ish FPS inside the menu screens, if i set the maximum frame-rate to unlocked or custom the load times double. setting it to 144 (still over double the achieved FPS, no loading time issues)

No ideas on what’s going on, by guess would be a function is looking at how far below the FPS target the game is and if its “too far below” prioritises the game render over other bits like loading.

Test results below (removed some questionable ones, FG = foreground ,BG = Background)

Event Load Time Note FG/BG
Boot 52 (unlocked FPS) FG
BTB 32 54% freeze FG
BTB 17 54% freeze BG
Boot 25 (unlocked FPS) BG
Boot 20 (unlocked FPS) BG
Boot 54 (unlocked FPS) FG
Boot 20 (unlocked FPS) bg
Boot 20 MAX FPS set to 24 FG
Boot 23 MAX FPS set to144 FG
Boot 43 MAX FPS set to UNLOCKED FG
Boot 23 MAX FPS set to144 FG
Boot 40 BG movies FG load (unlocked FPS) FG
Boot 43 MAX FPS set to 700 FG

Just submitted this as a bug request as well (#233288 should anyone from 343 see this)

Yikes. That’s… bad. Hopefully there’s a way to remove those videos. Even the MCC loads during the little video that plays at the start.

This is good to know. How do I set the maximum framerate to unlocked? Do I have to turn off VSync?

Thanks for testing this.

wont let me upload images… so longer winded explanation.

under maximum frame rate DO NOT pick “unlocked” or “custom”, picking a number close to the FPS you are getting in game (or set it to 60 etc) fixed the loading for me.

I don’t use VSync so have it disabled, haven’t tested with it enabled so may also be part of the cause if you have it enabled and one of the numeric options selected from the MAXIMUM FRAME RATE drop down

Okay. And the game doesn’t have to be in the foreground?

So, I tried deleting the intro video. Instead of smoothly handling it like most games, Infinite simply crashes. Great.

You can delete the intro video of the MCC and the game still runs fine, with less startup time.

I checked task manager while the game was loading a map, and it’s definitely all compression. CPU usage was at 100%, disk usage was 1 or 2 percent.

In case this is helpful for anyone, it was suggested to me to increase virtual memory in Windows, and doing so fixed my loading times, as long as minimum and maximum framerate are not set to off and unlimited, respectively, and async compute is off.

I set my page file size to 16000 MB, and my loading problems were fixed. To do this:

Right click start, then click System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced tab > Performance settings > Advanced tab > Virtual Memory Change button. I set both my minimum and maximum page file size to 16000 MB.

pretty sure mine is on an SSD and it takes 5 minutes to load the game up and another 5+ to get in a game.