Loooooooong wait times to find a game

I bought the game year late and still matchmaking is not fixed.
I play COD too and it takes second to find a game.
In this day and age where people have little attention span, you are treating customers time like it means nothing??
I requst you DEVS to go and seek help from VALVE OR RIOT, on how to successfully develop a working matchmaking system.
Great package destroyed by utter lack of competance.

You find a game within a second in CoD because CoD will match players regardless of skill.
Halo has always had a matching system behind its games that tries to match players with equal skill.

You also need to take into account that CoD has a higher population than MCC does.
With everything that has plagued MCC its driven players away. Now that the game is in an acceptable state players are slowly returning to play.

I’ve heard that the matchmaking was quite worse not too long ago.