Looks like they couldn't even do math right... Fractured: Tenrai is non completable?>

So I was really only waiting for this last event, I wanted to get the full set from the Tenrai event… but uh… I ran outta challenges, at rank 27?

Is there an unlisted rank 4 for the last 3 ranks, and for anyone who may have missed some or something? Because… this is… really terrible levels of quality control.

You only listed the events for these weeks, none others, so people that wanted it - could literally make time to get it and play and get the challenges done, even buying into the challenge swap system just to get the event challenges faster…

and yet… I can’t finish it? Just… what a let down. You’d think 3 weeks would be about 10 ranks each week, and if you miss out this time, you have to wait until the next Tenrai event (like a Halloween event, etc) but… I guess 343 wanted to be incompetent in every single way with this game.

sounds about right, trust 343 to mess up math. also wasn’t the first week of the event only 7 challenges?

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I recall it being short, yea, and concerns about having enough challenges to complete it being brought up. Looks like we (the player) were right, and once again, ignored. Wouldn’t of been hard to add 1-2 challenges to each week event from Jan to Feb and make the difference up, but I guess I am so Elite Programmer Designer and Game Maker compared to 343 for thinking about such a thing.

It's a six week event:

Two quotes from that article:

  1. ‘We are now officially half-way through the Fracture: Tenrai event, which returns to Halo Infinite multiple times throughout Season 1: Heroes of Reach.’
  2. ‘This is the first of six total appearances Fracture: Tenrai will make over the course of Season 1, with its next appearance coming in January 2022.’
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Did you bother to do any research before creating this topic? This is an on going several week event that kicks off at the start of every month. First week allowed 7 levels to complete, second and third weeks it allowed 10 levels each, and there’s still a few more weeks to come after this. They kick off the first week of every month…

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Why would I bother digging deeper than what is SHOWN IN GAME?
The incompetence and copium are high with this one.


Sorry, but being ignorant and lazy doesn’t give you bonus points. The only one who half -Yoink!- this is you this time around lol. 343i is not at fault because you failed to do research here.

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I ran out of challenges at level 29, I just needed one more to complete it. I can’t even when I did have weekly challenges left, I used nearly all of my challenge swaps in vain to get an event challenge (I think I used about 20 or 30 of them) . Can we start the hashtag #bringtenraiback

An event that only rewards those who dutifully play every day and do their homework on the parameters. It is a problem when the game itself doesn’t give good information about the requirements and gaming websites have to make guides about it. What about players who came to the game late in the season? FOMO.

Precarious balance between trying to not to burn out core players who almost constantly “need something to work towards” and overwhelming casual players with stuff to grind for.

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Ha, ha, ha,… “do researh”,… this is what games are now…

Please don’t become a Destiny. Problem is Infinite makes Destiny look good.


The event showed up 6 times, the first time only had 7 challenges for…reasons i guess, but theres been an opportunity to get 57 total levels, im not saying it doesnt suck that youre stuck at 27, but they did give almost twice as much chance to get everything than what was needed.

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Bruh, they gave us 6 weeks to do Tenrai… how did you not finish it?

57 challenges across 6 weeks, the math adds up. 343i could do a little better with relaying the dates, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time because the first season was extended improptu.

I don’t know how you managed to find out about Tenrai for this week but not the other weeks. They make a news post about it don’t they, and that’s only a skip away from the forums you’re on.

Side note, you’re willing to come on to these forums, have you considered asking? Or is this your first post in a while? You’re clearly willing to “dig deeper” if you’re here at all.