Looks like my Limited Edition paid for itself

Logs onto Waypoint.
Goes to H4 forums.
Reads pages and pages of threads demanding, angrily, for their codes so they can rank up past SR70 while proclaiming H4 is crap because ‘343’ botched the job.
My face.

With all of the entertainment I’ve gotten out of doing just that, looks like my LE paid for itself and then some.

As a LE owner, I agree. It’s quite entertaining watching everybody crying because they didn’t get their code. Ah well, pass the popcorn. I sense a bunch of angry people coming our way, brethren.

I think it’s even better people are begging for our extra codes because they didn’t want to spend extra money on release for the specs and the map pass…

Grabs a beer and waits for the fun to ensue.

lol like i said to a lot of people if you knew you were going to play the game a lot then you shouldn’t have been so cheap and bought the LE like i did. and indeed everyone is raging about not getting there codes its so funny :slight_smile:

I still wished the LE came with some cool armour, though.

I personally don’t care. Yes, I made a Re up thread suggestion. But that’s just because I love ranking up.

I guess I’ll watch with you guys.
Sets Camping Chair
Alright, Put your Flame Suits on!

Yes LE is awesome,

As a broke college kid I had to go with the SE, and all the LE were sold out in my area, but thats besides the point…

When I went in to buy it, I thought that once you unlocked the two specializations you could unlock more. I had no idea I would have had to wait for “the community to reach a certain milestone.”

It wouldn’t have mattered if it was only cosmetic changes, but when you have to spend more money to have potentially a higher advantage in what is supposed to be an even playing field, is a low blow to people who thought they were buying the full game.

Just my opinion though, think as you may.

LE buddies unite<3

As mean as it could potentially sound, I enjoy getting a good laugh whenever I see people complaining about not receiving their e-mails.

Makes me even more happy that I bought the Limited Edition.

Let me start by saying, I’m glad I bought my LE given whats been going on.
However, I do feel, that limiting peoples progression in this manor, along with the daily xp cap, is a bunch of crap.

Le stuff should be bonus goodies, not progression limitation.

But meh, I’m SR-130. good thing I got the LE so I didnt get hosed =P

<— Did not buy LE, only quit playing for two & a half days before code came. Just focused on other aspects of the game such as Spartan Ops & Campaign(solo & co-op) on legendary. :slight_smile:

It’s not that we don’t get access to the specializations as early as the LE users, it’s how poorly the promotion was handled.

Dates were confusing, and e-mails are being sent days late, or possibly not at all.
People under 17 don’t get the code, regardless that they paid full price, with parent’s consent.

You’re just lucky you’d bought the Limited Edition, so you sit and grin at the misfortune of others.

You’d be upset, too.

I’m going to have to lock this thread. Glad you guys are enjoying the game, but let us not poke fun at the people who don’t have their specializations yet.