Looking to set up a Halo fan living situation

I am hoping to find a couple of cool Halo fans to possibly set up a living situation, maybe more than 4 people for a house or apartment. Halo was starting in the Seattle area and the company is also stationed here, so it would be a great area to set up a new or fun living situation. We could come up with a cool halo team, or something different, or whatever any of you could suggest. It would anywhere around the radius of 20miles in Seattle, WA.

Couples are welcome to come as well as any pets. Smoking is okay as long as you do it outside. No heavy drugs though. Everyone should be pretty clean and respectful to each other, friendly, polite, and responsible. Everyone should contribute to helping out with food, but if you have food you don’t want taken or eaten from some one else that’s fine I understand that very well. I doesn’t matter if you gay, so anyone welcome.

My girlfriend and I are very clean and well organized. We don’t smoke or do heavy parties (small parties are okay) or drugs for that matter. Both of us have part-time jobs and are going to attend at Green River Community College for summer quarter. We are both in our early twenties and are very respectful people. Willing to be flexible about things.

Everyone would be sharing rent equally (Meaning if there is 4 people, then we would share rent, utilities, internet, cable, etc in four ways, so we would all be paying 1/4th.) just so we are all on the same page and that we don’t run into any problems financially. Just want everyone to get along without road bumps.

Thank you for your time.