Looking To Rank Up?

PicK 6 is recruiting so if you’re serious about ranking up in all playlists shoot me a message! -KnOCCOuT

Why do you gota post 3 threads back to back.

That’s how you recruit bro haha

What does it matter?

Because it takes space from people that only post once like you’re supposed to.

Good thing there is unlimited space on there where you can post as much as you would like. How is it taking space? That literally makes zero sense

Can you help me rank up to Champion?

> 2533274922366257;7:
> Can you help me rank up to Champion?

Hahaha looks like you got there yourself! The question should be can YOU help me rank up? hahaha

maybe :smiley:

> 2533274922366257;9:
> maybe :smiley:

Feel free to add me and we will play KnOCCOuT