looking to rank up from plat need reliable teammates

hey I joined a clan before but they would never play. I live in Pacific Standard time and I can play in the mornings or in the evening and weekends. I am looking for reliable teammate to be able to rank up from platinum because I get this people that get randomly discounected from ranked so a steady wired connection is preferred. Please add me to xbox if you are interested I consider myself a good player, not a top slayer but I play the objective.

hey… im, gonna be on a lot during this summer. diamon 3-6 usually. lookiing for long term players who are good and wanna work with each other. stat build and even end up working on forge. looking for a solid team. please respond

I’ll play with either of you @Neo908241 @Amb3rAl3rt I’m also PST zone.

whats ur rank? not to be a -Yoink!-, just looking for same level people

I just started playing again after months off. I’m I’d say 1 win away from D3. Was d3 the match prior but lost.