Looking to rank up fast

I’ve just got back onto Reach after gifting away my old account and I’m looking to rank up pretty fast, any tips from any experts here?

I’m a WO at the moment and I want to be able to get the GUNGNIR helmet. :slight_smile:

Firefight + Custom Challenges = Quick ranking.

Firefight and Challenges. Do those you’ll rank up faster. You need a balance with Multiplayer too since there’s challenges on there most of the time. Thursdays is FF day you can get all those done in one day. If you don’t like MP just play FF. You’ll rank up fast in FF and get your commendations in FF done but I would recommend you do the challenges since they are worth credits.

I am a mythic and I have noticed that the fastest way to get credits is by completing every challenge and playing matchmaking on big team battle.if your pretty good try griff ball and try and hold the bomb for a long time and score or just get a ton of kills.

There is a way in the ONI Sword Base mission on campaign. You run past the covenant on the right side and grab the laser designator and go in the corner. Shoot the laser right before the checkpoint. Now you just have to revert to last save and the lazer will keep shooting down every time you revert.

Lol there is no “fast” way, but there are ways you can be more efficient at it. Challenges and commendations help a lot. Basically the only real way to rank up at a reasonable rate is just to play as much as possible. It’s a real pain and a slow almost never ending drag through the ranks.

Didn’t Bungie patch that ONI Sword Base glitch awhile ago?

> Didn’t Bungie patch that ONI Sword Base glitch awhile ago?

They patched it so that Target Locator kills didn’t count as actual weapon kills, but they didn’t patch challenges for killing specific types of enemy variants. You just need to know which variants appear.

Firefight is definately the fastest way to rank up. I’m an Eclipse and nearly all of my credits are from firefight. Grifball works too if you drag the game on for a long time. Only do challenges that are worth it. If it is a 1500 cr challenge to kill 50 enemies in multiplayer, dont do it. you can make twice that in one firefight game.

Firefight + custom challenges = max profit
Oni sword base glitch (patched) + custom challenges = max profit