Looking to play custom games on Halo Reach?

Greetings, I’m new to forums(forums in general) and this is my first ever topic ever posted online so I’m just going to jump to the point :

I got this idea while watching Achievement Hunter, where random people just join the same lobby to play custom gametypes and maps made by well known Forgers. This ranges from Invasion gametypes, Infection and some that are just so random and cool. I want to open my lobby to people who love playing custom games on Halo Reach - I’ve recently moved to another continent(Europe, France to be precise) and I can’t play online with my friends who are nine to ten hours ahead in time.

I am regularly online, between 6pm - 12pm(GMT) and as far as I know I can invite people who message me on XboxLive, so if you’re like me and want to play custom games but don’t have many people to play with why not message me? I don’t communicate with anyone I don’t know personally on XboxLive so I’ll probably mute people in the lobby to keep it quiet, I like it quiet.

My GT: it’s probably presented somewhere next to this post but anyways it’s: fanfan094

I won’t use custom gametypes made by randoms, because some are just bad, I tend to prefer those posted on TheHaloForgeEpidemic on youtube. I am not affiliated with them I am just a subscriber who loves their maps and wish to try them out with a large group of people.

I’m not accepting friend requests and this will not be a place to just chat - not trying to be anti-social it’s just not my thing, I have enough friends.