Looking to play custom CTF/Assault games

Well, team objective has been thoroughly Blamed, like to build up my friends list to play CTF/Assault and some of the goofier gametypes with. Getting disillusioned with matchmaking, nobody plays with mics and the skill levels are too far fielded. Just would like to get back to that friendly trashtalking atmosphere of playing with a bunch of linked together xbox’s at a LAN party.

My Gamertag is Idusces if you’re interested in the same :slight_smile:

Im interested in the same but are you talking 4v4 or BTB? And while I do like the objective games I feel that the people playing them need to know what there doing to be fun. If you do know I’ll add you on live.

Well I’ve been playing Objective since it was called Team Skirmish in Halo 2; so I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it ;).

And right now, with however many players I can get my hands on. I recently went on a fileshare dive and found wonderful remakes of some of the best maps from the first three halos; so I’d like to get into a bit of nostalgia.

Sounds good. I’ll add you on live when I next get on my xbox. Just pointing out that while I’m not a MLG player I do prefer they’re style (0bloom/no AA’s)

Id like to join in as well. I want to work on getting better for matchmaking, but I perfer custom games and forgeing maps for just those types of games. Give me a ring and ill do the same