Looking to move Spartan Company

so my friends and I started a Spartan Company but they don’t play much anymore so I’m looking to move to a more active and larger company.

Ive just hit rank 90 looking to join mainly adult player, would love to work towards Achilies. Play both Arena and Warzone.

Would be be great to just play with some good people and have some fun rather than running lone wolf!

Hey Rupertbear84,

Maybe our Spartan Company has what you want? We’ve got a bunch of committed members who play on a regular basis.


We’d be happy to have you! Just PB me on Xbox or here and I’ll get you all set!

Hey Rupert:)
I am in a company called Avalon.:slight_smile:
We have 32 members and play everything mainly because we just enjoy the game.

You could always join short memory historians. We may only have 11 people, but a few of us are very active. I mean also every single night we are doing warzone or slayer or something

Give us a look at and happy hunting.

Arctic Team Alpha is for you my friend, we are very active, especially on halo 4 and I would love to have you in our company, and recuiting in halo 5, please take us into consideration

Check out Heavenly Sword!

Thank you all very much for your posts.