Looking to make a Team and a Community!

Hello, I am a leader of a clan on Xbox, Takanashi, we play many games not just Halo. As of recently we’ve been running into some problems with members, whether it be that we have a shortage of members on at one time or some just aren’t motivated to keep trying. So I’m here looking for someone who is willing to give their all and then some, someone who has patience. Not only be competitive when you have to but still deep down, be having fun a willing to adapt and learn. If you feel like you’re up for this journey. Message me on here or Xbox my gamertag is the same and as follows: Takanashi Iesu (With and “I” not a “L”). Please seriously people only!

If anyone else is recruiting or trying to talk business or need a team or help with something feel free to discuss those things and any other tasks in here. Blessings towards Everyone. :v:t5: