Looking to join Spartan Company for Achilles Armor

I’m looking to join a Spartan Company that has a decent amount of active members in order to get the Achilles armor set. I mostly play alone due to my crappy connection, but I’m a good candidate for helping to max out commendations, as I’m quite capable of dishing out multi-kills, kills from the grave, hijackings, etc.

If you’re in need of more members to help you attain Achilles, shoot me a message here on Waypoint or on Xbox Live, at BlackSG24.

Thank you in advance.

We have 50 members if your interested in joining us. We’re active everyday :slight_smile:

Check us our we have 4 Spartan Companies 3 are at max capacity adding on number 4

Heavenly Sword IV

  • Name of your clan: Heavenly Sword IV - Point of contact Truth Eternal or Zuunal - Clan mission:Additional Waypoint Companies to join if this one is full: Heavenly Sword, Heavenly Sword II, Heavenly Sword III
  • Heavenly Sword* is a group of casual players dedicated to enjoying the multiplayer experience together while building skills and gathering wins. HS has a heavy focus on earning REQ points, unlocking content, and teaching players how to improve their play in all game modes.Check out our recruiting video which talks about our culture: Why Heavenly Sword is Great!
  • Basic guidelines:*
  1. Act respectfully toward all players, especially opponents, at all times, even when other players aren’t acting respectfully toward you.
  2. While there is no time commitment, HS is a community who encourages playing with some regularity (once per month).
  3. Age 16+, English language and North American time zones are preferred.In order to be accepted, please include a bit about yourself in your application message. All unchanged, standard messages will be declined. It’s about the extra effort! If you are accepted, please add Truth Eternal and Chuck3390 to your friends list.
  • When you’re accepted, here’s what you should do (within the first 48 hours):*
  1. Sign up for the Discord App and Website (info on company Waypoint forum here once you are accepted).
  2. Add your other companymen to your friends list.
  3. Change your call sign to the 4 digits listed in the #roster channel on Discord next to your name.
  4. Change your emblem to Salt color with Classic style. If you’d like, also change your armour colour to Salt (primary) and Lapis (secondary).We have monthly contests with prizes like Microsoft Points, controllers, and more on the Website. We also have monthly internal ranking events and weekly events, team competitions, forging days, and more!Follow our official Twitch and other social media, too! Even if you’re not a member, you can win prizes.If you have questions, please contact the company Leaders, Truth Eternal or **Chuck3390.**Good luck out there!

Sent you an invite

If you play solo, then join mine because we just want the set so we don’t play together and won’t boot anyone.

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