Looking to join/form a team for Team Slayer

Highest skill is 46, but it’s in Lone Wolves so go figure, probably not going to get a 50 in there as it’s extremely difficult in comparison to TD/TS.

I’m currently a 34 in TS. GT is Gwynboobies. If anyone is interested, let me know. I’m not amazing so don’t expect me to carry anyone, but don’t expect to have to carry me either. Only 50 I’ve ever gotten before on another account was in doubles so I expect this will be a bit more difficult.

A booster account, provided you just want to play for the sake of playing, would be acceptable too (but is not necessary).

The team would would be, at least for now, no higher than three people, as the games in TS nowadays usually end up being 3v3.

I’ll play with you if you make me a one month account.

I’ll play with you. I don’t have a halo3 account right now, but I know the game. I’ve been playing reach and 4. My copy of halo 3 should be in the mail sometime this week. I have been getting back into halo again. I’m a veteran halo 2 player and just want to play some older halo for the nostalgia. My gt is my name on here

From now on, this belongs in the Recruiting section. Thanks!

I am down. My gt is “rookie tha vet”